Marc Pollini has the eye, but also the thought.   The eye, that of an islander used to scrutinizing the horizon. The thought, that of admirable acutness. I like to imagine that for each of Marc’s photos there’s a strory without pretense, without heroes, where contemplation alone guide us.

Wiliam Navarette, Franco-Cuban  writer and art critic



Photography is for me a process which triggers a more intimate perception of the world around me and thus widens my vision.
Both my intention as a photographer, as well as the act of photography, free me from all that could interfere between my subject and me and as such be closer to it.
These moments are unique, and I like to think that only photographers know that.
The intention is conscious, sometimes I only understand that well afterwards.
It’s a physical act, full of real tension.
I have found an outlet which allows me to escape yet always reflect, and I truly hope that others feel the same.

Marc Pollini